Where do I live and how far will I travel?
I live in Riviera, Pretoria. I am also very comfortable traveling for shoots.
Travel is billed very simply:
All Shoots have a traveling fuel fee of R7.50 per km (to destination only)
Where the travelling time would exceed the shoot time an additional charge of R300 per hour will be billed for travelling time on top of travelling fuel rates. This is because its not feasible for us for example to travel 2 hours for a 1 hour shoot,
Should we need to pass through any toll gates to or from your venue/location these charges will be billed to you after your session.
Should your chosen location have an entry fee this will be billed to you for myself and my assistant.

We do not travel out of Pretoria for shoots less than 3 hours long.



Other Areas

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164 Rose street, Riviera,
Pretoria, Gauteng


062 377 6778

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